LG 60UF7700 vs 60UB8200 : What’s the Improvement?

When you are looking for 60-Inch basic Smart 4K UHD TV, then LG 60UF7700 and its older 60UB8200 are for sure already on your mind. As the new model, you can find some improvements on LG 60UF7700, although some aspects remain the same as the old model. The emphasize of the new model is the use of WebOS 2.0 as its Smart TV platform that give you easier way to control your smart entertainment. So what’s remain the same and what’s improved on the new model? This comparison review try to help you answer those questions.

What You should Know about LG 60UF7700?

LG 60UF7700

LG 60UF7700

Talking about 60UF7700, We are talking about basic 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV as part of LG UF7700 model. LG 60UF7700 is currently the smallest screen size of UF7700 model. You can find LG 60UF8500 as the higher model. LG 60UF7700 is completed with the new Smart TV platform (although We can’t call it All New) WebOS 2.0 that comes as revamped version of WebOS 1.0. On the technology aspect, there’s no essential new thing on LG 60UF7700. It’s still using the Triple XD Engine in combination with Tru-4K Engine to deliver sharp image details in 4K UHD resolution.

LG 60UF7700 is getting mostly excellent feedbacks from its customers. Most of them talks about excellent picture quality in 4K UHD resolution as well as good sound quality without any needs to install additional soundbar. They also appreciate the magic remote that’s able to help controlling the TV faster and easier. The only improvement that the customer suggest maybe is backlight on magic remote. So It’s quite tricky to navigate in the dark. But most of people don’t complain about that since They don’t watch in 100% darkness. To know more about the customers’ feedback you can read more here…

Important Things to Know about LG 60UB8200

LG 60UB8200

LG 60UB8200

LG 60UB8200 is released as part of LG UB8200. It’s one of the most popular choice for entry level 4K UHD TV from 2014. LG 60UB8200 is the largest screen size that you can find from LG UB8200 model. As the entry level model, LG 60B8200 is indeed completed with basic features. It’s using the older model of LG Smart TV (non WebOS) that looks basic but still able to deliver excellent picture quality. It’s also using only standard remote control without any ability to control the TV using your voice.

Is LG 60UB8200 able to meet customer expectations? For most customers the answer is Yes. It can be proved with excellent ratings It gets. Most of them talks about the excellent picture quality in 4K UHD resolution while It’s one of the most affordable in price. But They also talks about picture customization to enjoy the picture optimally. If you are eager to know more about what the customers said, then you should read more about the customers’ comments on LG 60UB8200…

LG 60UF7700 vs 60UB8200 : Similarities and Differences Table

LG 60UF7700 LG 60UB8200
Screen Size 60-Inch 60-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Panel Design Flat Flat
Backlight LED LED
Picture Engine Tru-4K Engine Tru-4K Engine
Built-in Wifi YES YES
HDMI/USB 3/3 3/3
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Smart TV Platform WebOS 2.0 LG Smart TV
Remote Control Magic Remote Standard Remote
Refresh Rate TruMotion 240Hz 60Hz

Usually Lower

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Usually Higher

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The Improvements

1. Smart TV Platform

LG improves the Smart TV platform installed on their 60-Inch basic Smart 4K UHD TV from the older LG Smart TV into the newer and better WebOS 2.0. WebOS 2.0 offers more features that you can use as well as easy to use interface design. With WebOS 2.0, you can also access more apps that you can choose from LG Store. So basically, WebOS 2.0 brings more modern Smart TV platform to your home screen then the older LG Smart TV.

2. Remote Control

LG 60UF7700 use the better magic remote as its remote control. It’s an improvement from the standard remote that used by LG 60UB8200. What you can do with magic remote? Magic remote offers easier way to control your TV and WebOS Smart TV platform as it’s completed with built-in microphone that allow you to control your TV screen using voice interaction. You can also use few other smart functions that installed on magic remote to control your TV.

3. Refresh Rate Technology

LG 60UF7700 also brings higher refresh rate than the older LG 60UB8200. LG 60UF7700 use TruMotion 240Hz as its refresh rate. It’s an improvement from the older LG 60UB8200 that only use 60Hz refresh rate. What’s the effect of the better refresh rate? You can enjoy better fast motion images with less motion blur. There’re some motion blur that you can see when you are playing your favorite action games with LG 60UB8200. But with TruMotion 240Hz, you won’t experience any more motion blur when you are playing your action games on LG 60UF7700.

4. Price

Besides better in Smart functions, remote and refresh rate technology, surprisingly LG 60UF7700 is also more affordable in price. Although the price is varied, but the based price for LG 60UF7700 is less expensive than the based price of LG 60UB8200. The actual price depends on the discount program run by LG and the retailers.


If you are about to buy 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV and you only have limited budget, then LG 60UF7700 that positioned as basic 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV is the choice that you should consider. The reason is simple, excellent products with excellent price. Is it really an improvement from the older LG 60UB8200? Yes, We can call it a perfect improvement as you get better product in Smart TV, remote and refresh rate aspect while you also get more affordable price. Where you should order LG 60UF7700? I recommend you to order LG 60UF7700 here as you can get the best deal for it…

What about LG 60UB8200? With the introduction of the new LG 60UF7700, It becomes unattractive as It’s priced higher with older Smart TV platform, only standard remote and lower refresh rate technology. It was one of the bestselling 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, but you have the choice of LG 60UF7700 this year. But maybe you can still consider it, when you can find LG 60UB8200 is sold with large discount so It’s priced at significant lower price than LG 60UF7700. If you are eager for discount, then you can check how lower you can get for LG 60UB8200 here…

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