Samsung UN40JU7100 vs UN40JU6500 Comparison

40-Inch is the smallest screen size available for Smart 4K UHD TV and you have UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500 if you prefer Samsung as your brand and you want the flat one rather than the newer curved panel design. Samsung UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500 are both coming with 4K UHD picture resolution with flat panel design that rise questions like what are their differences and which of them is more suitable for your home TV. Let this comparison answer those questions so you can be sure on which of those two TVs is suit for your needs.

Samsung UN40JU7100 vs UN40JU6500 Specs Table

First thing to know before we compare those two TVs is knowing their specs. This table depict the key specs of those TVs so you know their specs before we move forward on talking about their similarities and differences

Samsung UN40JU7100 Samsung UN40JU6500
Introduced March 2015 March 2015
Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Panel Design Flat Flat
Backlight LED LED
PurColor YES YES
Contrast Enhancer YES YES
Peak Illuminator YES NO
Precision Black YES NO
Motion Rate 240 120
Smart TV Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
Remote Control Smart Remote Standard Remote
3D Ready NO
Built-in Wifi YES YES
HDMI/USB 4/3 4/3
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Price +/- $400 Higher

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+/- $400 Lower

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Similarities Between Samsung UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500

After seeing the table above, We can see that there’re several similarities between Samsung UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500. What are their similarities? Here It is

1. Picture Resolution

Samsung UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500 comes with the new 4K UHD resolution. 4K UHD resolution deliver up to four time more brilliant picture quality than the conventional Full HD resolution. We also know that there’re still limited numbers of original 4K UHD contents available on the market. But you don’t have to worry about that since both of UN40JU7100 and UN60JU6500 completed with UHD Upscaling technology that able to bring near 4K picture quality from your HD contents. Both of those TVs are also coming with the same flat panel design. Although there’s another option of curved panel design, flat panel design is still a good choice for you as I’m quite sure that not all people love curved panel.

Samsung UN40JU7100

Samsung UN40JU7100

2. Picture Technology

If We look back on the table above, We can see that some of the picture quality technology aspects are the same. Both of the TVs come with UHD Dimming, Contrast Enhancer and PurColor technology. UHD Dimming bring sharper image details in 4K UHD picture resolution, while Contrast Enhancer deliver optimized contrast for greater sense of depth on flat panel. The PurColor technology that also installed on both of UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500 is previously the technology that also only found on the top model HU9000 in 2014 lineup. But It’s now widely used on Samsung’s 4K UHD TV in 2015. PurColor that installed on UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500 help you to get more true-to-life color by blending the primary and secondary colors on the TV screen.

3. Smart TV Platform

As the picture technology reach more mature level, one of the important factor to consider is the content. For that reason, Samsung comes with the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV that comes as revamped version of 2014 Samsung Smart TV. The new Samsung Smart TV use Tizen as its Operating System. With the new Tizen OS, you can enjoy more smart functions with more Smart Apps that can be run on Tizen.

4. Other Similarities

There’re also other similarities such as both of those two TVs use 2Ch 20W as its speaker system. Although 2Ch 20W seems not an impressive speaker system but It’s quite good to deliver good sound in 40-Inch TV. If you want more impressive sound quality, you can add additional soundbar for sure. They are also comes with 4/3 HDMI/USB inputs and both are completed with built-in wifi.


Differences of Samsung UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500

Besides those similarities, there’re also few differences that you can find between UN40Ju7100 and UN40Ju6500. Here are their differences

Samsung UN40JU6500

Samsung UN40JU6500

1. Picture Technology

As previously talked, there’re few similarities on picture technology between Samsung UN40JU7100 and UN40JU6500. They are both completed with UHD Dimming, Contrast Enhancer and PurColor. But there’s also additional picture technology installed on Samsung UN40JU7100. It’s peak illuminator with precision black. Peak Illuminator is the new technology released in 2015 by Samsung that able to bring greater details on the bright part of your TV screen with LED illumination technology. While precision black is the technology that already used on 2014 to bring deeper black levels on the dark part of the TV screen. With combination between peak illuminator and precision black, you can enjoy more vibrant color contrast on the TV screen.

2. Refresh Rate Technology

Refresh rate is quite important nowadays since a lot of people love to watch fast action movies and sports. Samsung measure their TV refresh rate using Motion Rate term in the year 2015. Samsung UN40JU7100 comes with higher Motion Rate 240, while Samsung UN40JU6500 only installed with Motion Rate 120. Motion Rate 120 is actually still a good Motion Rate when It comes to watching fast action movies and sports. There’s no big difference with Motion Rate 240. But when It comes to playing your favorite fast action game and use the TV as gaming monitor, then You can be sure to get better fast motion images with Motion Rate 240 than what you can get with Motion Rate 120.

3. 3D Feature

For some 3D lover, 3D is required feature that need to be on the TV. But some other don’t think that They will use 3D feature often. For that reason, Samsung UN40JU7100 is only 3D ready TV that means, if you love to watch 3D then you can purchase additional 3D glasses to start watching your favorite 3D entertainment. But when you don’t love 3D then you don’t need additional 3D glasses and use the TV to watch 2D entertainment. While Samsung UN40JU6500 is not completed with any 3D feature so you can’t enjoy any 3D entertainment with it.

4. Remote Control

Samsung UN40JU7100 is completed with smart remote. With Smart Remote, you can control your TV easier with additional smart functions such as voice interaction that help you to control your TV and its Smart TV platform with your voice. Samsung UN40JU6500 in the other hand is not completed with any Smart Remote and only use standard remote. With standard remote It only can control the TV using standard commands.

5. Price

As the higher model, Samsung UN40JU7100 is priced at around $400 more expensive in price. With additional $400 you can enjoy more vibrant color contrast, smoother fast action images as well as 3D feature and Smart Remote. If you think you don’t mind with additional $400 for those additional picture technology and feature then Samsung UN40JU7100 is a good choice that you should consider.

Which One is Suitable for You?

Samsung UN40JU7100 is the better model that suitable for anyone that looking for excellent picture quality in 40-Inch screen size with flat panel design. Indeed you have to pay for around additional $400 but I’m sure It’s worth the money. Samsung UN40JU7100 and other JU7100 model are getting excellent reviews from its customers that appreciate its beautiful design, deep black levels and minimal soap opera effect. They also talk about excellent smart remote that maybe a little tricky to be used at first but when you already accustomed to use it then you will for sure enjoy the easier way to control your TV. If you are still unsure about choosing Samsung UN40JU7100, you can take your time and read how satisfied the customers that already own UN40JU7100 and other JU7100 model here…

If you have only more limited budget, you have the option for your 40-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV by choosing Samsung UN40JU6500. It’s indeed a lower model that comes with less vibrant color contrast, less smooth fast motion images as well as no 3D and Smart Remote. But you can be sure that you still can enjoy excellent picture quality with 4K UHD resolution or HD resoution that upscaled into near 4K picture quality. It’s proved by the customers that already own UN40JU6500 and other JU6500 model. They said that the picture quality is still amazing despite they are lower in price. They also suggest to upgrade the firmware to enjoy the TV optimally. I’m quite sure that you want to read more about their comments and suggestions on Samsung UN40JU6500 and JU6500 model in general by seeing it on this page…

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