Samsung UN55JU6500 vs UN55HU6950 : Any Reason to Choose the New UN55JU6500?

If you have less budget but want 55-Inch 4K UHD TV, Samsung UN55JU6500, the new model of UN55HU6950, is the one that you should take a look. It’s basically able to deliver premium picture quality with 4K UHD picture resolution while priced at affordable price tag. As the new model of Samsung UN55HU6950, UN55JU6500 comes with relatively the same core technology in 4K UHD picture resolution. There’re also few improvements that you can find on the new Samsung UN55JU6500. What’re the improvements that implemented by Samsung on its newer UN55JU6500? Is there enough reason to choose the new UN55JU6500 instead of the older UN55HU6950? This review try to answer those questions that may be on your mind before buying Samsung UN55JU6500.

The Similarities

As the new and old model, you can find that there’re several similarities between the new Samsung UN55JU6500 and the old Samsung UN55JU6950. Here are the similarities that you can find between those two TVs

1. Picture Resolution

Samsung UN55JU6500

Samsung UN55JU6500

Both of UN55JU6500 and UN55HU6950 use the latest picture resolution standard, 4K UHD TV. With 4K UHD picture resolution, you can enjoy up to four times more brilliant picture quality on the TV screen. Maybe you are asking about the original 4K UHD contents that still rare nowadays, don’t worry about that since both of UN55JU6500 and UN55HU6950 are completed with UHD Upscaling technology. With Samsung’s Upscaling technology, you can enjoy near 4K picture quality from your HD contents.

2. Smart TV with no 3D

Samsung UN55JU6500 and UN55HU6950 are both positioned as basic Smart TV. They are both completed with Smart TV platform (although they are different in Smart TV platform) and not completed with any 3D features. So you can only enjoy 2D entertainment without any ability to enjoy any 3D entertainment on your screen.

3. Quad-Core Processor

Is processor an important factor on Smart TV? For most occasion, We should say YES. Why It’s important? Because most of the apps become heavier that need faster processor so that you can run the apps with minimum processing lag. For that reason, Samsung install quad-core processor on the older UN55HU6950 and still use it on UN55JU6500.

4. UHD Dimming with Ultra Clear Panel

Some of the technology used on Samsung UN55HU6950 are still used on UN55JU6500. Two of theme are UHD Dimming and Ultra Clear Panel. UHD Dimming are still generally used on the new Samsung’s 4K UHD TV lineup. It’s the technology that enable you to enjoy sharper image details on the TV screen with delivering brighter whites and darker blacks. The Ultra Clear Panel is also a technology that bring better picture quality by minimized glare from any angles and reduce reflections.

We can take a look more about the similarities between Samsung UN55JU6500 and UN55HU6950 on the table below:

Samsung UN55JU6500 Samsung UN55HU6950
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Panel Design Flat Flat
Backlight LED LED
Ultra Clear Panel YES YES
Spekaer System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Processor Quad-Core Processor Quad-Core Processor
Built-in Wifi YES YES
HDMI/USB Inputs 4/3 4/3

The Differences

Besides the similarities, there’re few differences (mostly are improvements) on the new Samsung UN55JU6500. Here’re some of their differences:

1. PurColor Technology

PurColor Technology is basically the technology that used by the Samsung’s 2014 TV model, HU9000 model. It’s now widely used on the Samsung’s 2015 TV model. PurColor technology is another picture quality technology that bring more natural color by blending primary and secondary color accurately. The final output is more true-to-life color details on the TV screen.

Samsung UN55HU6950

Samsung UN55HU6950

2. Smart TV Platform

Although both of Samsung UN55JU6500 and UN55HU6950 are coming as Smart TV, but They are coming with different Smart TV platform. Samsung install new Smart TV platform on UN55JU6500 that usually called 2015 Samsung Smart TV. It’s coming with the new Tizen OS. With the new Tizen OS, you can enjoy more flexibility on running smart apps. More Smart apps is able to run on Tizen based 2015 Samsung Smart TV than the older 2014 Samsung Smart TV.

3. Remote Control

Samsung UN55JU6500 comes with only standard remote, while the older Samsung UN55HU6950. Samsung emphasized that Samsung UN55JU6500 is positioned as basic smart TV by only put standard remote on the set. This is the only difference between Samsung UN55JU6500 and UN55HU6950 that’s not coming as improvements.

We can make a difference table between Samsung UN55JU6500 and UN55HU6950 as follow:

Samsung UN55JU6500 Samsung UN55HU6950
PurColor YES NO
Smart TV Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2014 Samsung Smart TV
Remote Control Smart Remote Standard Remote

Commonly Lower

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What’s the Reason to Choose the New Samsung UN55JU6500?

If We talk about basic 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from Samsung, then We can easily find Samsung UN55JU6500 on the 2015 TV lineup. It can be considered as the newer model of two 2014 TV models, UN55HU6950 and UN55HU6840. Samsung UN55JU6500 comes with few improvements on the picture quality with the PurColor technology so that you can enjoy more true-to-life color details, better Smart TV platform with Tizen based 2015 Samsung Smart TV but only use standard remote just like Samsung UN55HU6840. In the price side Samsung UN55JU6500 is introduced with lower price than Samsung UN55HU6950. So basically It’s improved product with more affordable price. It’s proved with excellent feedback from the customers that mostly appreciate excellent 4K UHD picture quality delivered by the TV screen. Some note about the TV from them is that new TV users need to upgrade the firmware and follow the instruction so there won’t be any problems. If you are eager to know about their feedbacks you can take a look at the Samsung UN55JU6500 customers’ reviews here…

So no reason to choose Samsung UN55HU6950? Maybe for some special cases you can still choose Samsung UN55HU6950. What’s the case? In some special case that you can find Samsung UN55HU6950 priced at the lower price than Samsung UN55JU6500. Samsung UN55HU6950 is indeed a good product. It’s proved with excellent customers reviews that mostly talk about excellent 4K UHD picture quality and its good upscale result while It’s priced at affordable price. You can take time and see how the customers said about Samsung UN55HU6950 here…

Any Recommended Place to Order?

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