Samsung UN65JU7100 vs UN65JU6700 Comparison

Talking about UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700, We are talking about two of choices for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. Samsung UN65JU7100 is introduced as the standard model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV with flat panel design, while Samsung UN65JU6700 is positioned as the basic 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV with curved panel design. So We can easily conclude that their main difference is their panel design. Besides that main difference is there any other difference? Which of those TVs should be chosen for your home? You can find the answer for those questions on this comparison.

What are Their Similarities?

Samsung UN65JU7100

Samsung UN65JU7100

Both of Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700 are introduced as part of Samsung’s 2015 4K UHD TV lineup. They are also near model. So there must be several similarities between them. What are their similarities? Here You go.

1. Picture Resolution

The first similarity and the easiest one to be noticed is the picture resolution. Both of Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700 come with 4K UHD picture resolution. The 2015 lineup is the third Samsung lineup to include 4K UHD TV on their lineup. This time Samsung released their new 4K UHD TV model intensively with wide range of models. Two of the models for 65-Inch are UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700. With 4K UHD resolution, you can enjoy more brilliant picture resolution that theoretically up to four times than full HD resolution. The only problem with 4K UHD resolution is limited contents. But Samsung has anticipated that by installing UHD Upscaling technology on both UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6500 so that you can enjoy your favorite HD contents in near 4K picture quality.

2. UHD Dimming and PurColor

There’re few picture technology that installed on both of those TVs. Two of the most significant one are UHD Dimming and PurColor. UHD Dimming is the picture technology widely used on Samsung’s 4K UHD TV to bring more brilliant picture quality in 4K UHD resolution. While PurColor is the technology that was used only on the top 4K UHD model of 2014 TV lineup, but now It’s widely used on the Samsung’s 4K UHD TV models. The PurColor technology deliver more shades of colors by accurately blends the primary and secondary colors on the TV screen.

3. Smart TV Platform

As part of the new 2015 Samsung’s TV lineup, Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6500 are both installed with the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV. The new 2015 Samsung Smart TV comes with the new Tizen as its Operating System. The new Tizen based Smart TV platform give you more flexibility to run your favorite apps on your TV. You can enjoy your favorite apps even more with the large screen TV. The new 2015 Samsung Smart TV also comes with quad-core processor that bring fast processing time even when You are dealing with heavier apps or simply doing multi-tasking process with the TV screen. Both of UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6500 also come with smart remote to help you control the TV and Smart TV easier. With Smart remote, you can get more control option to the TV screen. One of the most important one is voice interaction that allow you to control the TV using your voice.

4. Speaker System

One of the important aspect that usually also considered by the buyer is the speaker system. Both of Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6500 use 2Ch 20W speaker system. Is that enough for you? If you are a standard customer than I’m quite sure that it’s enough for you, but if you are audio enthusiast, then you should consider to add additional soundbar to bring immersive surround sound to your home.

We can summarize the similarities between Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6500 using the table below

Samsung UN65JU7100 Samsung UN65JU6700
Introduced February 2015 February 2015
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight LED LED
PurColor YES YES
Smart Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
Remote Control Smart Remote Smart Remote
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Built-in Wi-fi YES YES
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 4/3

What are Their Differences?

Samsung UN65JU6700

Samsung UN65JU6700

After looking the similarities of UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700, let’s continue our discussion by looking at the differences of those two TVs.

1. Panel Design

As We have talked before, one of the main difference of Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700 is the panel design. Samsung UN65JU7100 comes with flat panel design, while Samsung UN65JU7100 comes with curved panel design. Curved panel design that completed with auto depth enhancer technology is able to deliver panoramic watching experience than the flat panel design that use contrast enhancer technology.

2. Picture Technology

Although UHD Dimming and PurColor are installed on both UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700, but Samsung UN65JU7100 is completed with additional picture technology. Samsung introduce the new Peak illuminator technology in 2015 that improved colors and details on the bright part of the screen by increasing LED illumination on the brightest area of the screen. That technology and the precision black technology from the previous lineup year are combined to bring more vibrant color contrast on Samsung UN65JU7100 screen.

3. Refresh Rate Technology

Samsung release the new refresh rate measurement on 2015. They switch the old Clear Motion Rate (CMR) term into the new Motion Rate in 2015. Is refresh rate an important point to consider? For most customer the answer is Yes. Samsung UN65JU7100 comes with Motion Rate 240, while Samsung UN65JU7100 comes with Motion Rate 120. For delivering fast action movies and sports, maybe you can’t notice significant difference between Motion Rate 240 and 120. But when It comes to deliver smooth fast action gaming images, then you may find difference between Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700. With Motion Rate 240, you can enjoy smooth fast action gaming images than what you can get with Motion Rate 120.

4. 3D Feature

I’m quite sure that not everyone love 3D entertainment. When you love 3D entertainment, then I’m quite sure that you would consider 3D feature as one of your buying factor. When you consider 3D as your buying factor, then you should know that Samsung UN65JU7100 is completed with active 3D feature, while Samsung UN65JU6700 is not completed with any 3D feature. Although It’s only 3D ready (that means you need to purchase additional 3D glasses), you have the option to enjoy 3D entertainment with UN65JU7100, while you can’t enjoy any 3D entertainment with Samsung UN65JU6700.

5. Price

Are you in budget sensitive condition for your next 65-Inch Smart TV purchase? If you are, then you should also consider that Samsung UN65JU7100 is commonly priced at around $300 more expensive in price. With additional $300, you can get better contrast, smoother fast action images and 3D feature, while you are also missing panoramic watching experience with only flat panel screen design.

To Summarize the difference of Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700, We can take a look at the table below

Samsung UN65JU7100 Samsung UN65JU6700
Panel Design Flat Curved
Peak Illuminator YES NO
Precision Black YES NO
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 240 Motion Rate 120
3D Feature Active 3D Ready NO
Price +/- $300 Higher 

Check Best Price

+/- $300 Lower 

Check Best Price

How’s the Customer Feedback?

After we compared Samsung UN65JU7100 and UN65JU6700 and finding their similarities and differences, the other thing to consider is the customer feedback. Samsung UN65JU7100 is currently getting mostly excellent rating from the customers. The customer praise the TV for the beautiful design, deep black level and gorgeous bright colors. The other customer also said that the TV is also able to deliver outstanding motion ratio. There’re also customers that suggest to implement a specific picture setting for optimum result as well. Do you want to read more their feedback? You can see more the feedback and suggestion from the customers here…

How about the feedback for Samsung UN65JU6700? Most of the customers are satisfied with their purchase. While most of the customers praise the picture quality for the price that They have to pay, some customers also praise the curved panel that bring the new watching experience especially in short distance watching. There’s also another customer that have proved that the TV also works well as monitor. A customer also talk about the best setting that need to be implemented to the TV screen so that It’s able to bring the best picture performance to your home. If you want to see their suggestions as well as check out how satisfied They are with their purchase, You can go here and see the Samsung UN65JU6700 customer feedback…

Which is More Suitable for You?

After seeing the similarities, differences and the customer feedbacks, now It’s time for us to pick which is more suitable TV for you. Samsung UN65JU7100 comes as the better choice when you don’t really need curved panel design and don’t have any objection to spend another $300 for better contrast, smoother fast motion images and 3D feature. It’s also the one that you have to consider if you want 3D feature on your 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV since it’s the cheapest one in Samsung’s 2015 lineup. If you think that Samsung UN65JU7100, you can consider to order Samsung UN65JU7100 here…

Samsung UN65JU6700 in the other hand is another choice that you should consider when you want to try the curved panel design for panoramic watching experience. It’s also priced at around $300 less expensive price although you get a little less vibrant contrast and less smooth fast motion images. You also can’t enjoy 3D entertainment with Samsung UN65JU6700. So when you are in that position, then the next question is where to order Samsung UN65JU6700 at the best deal right? You can order Samsung UN65JU6700 here…

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