Samsung UN60JS7000 vs UN60JU7100 Comparison

If you want to upgrade your home TV with the latest 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, then I’m quite sure that you are thinking UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 from Samsung as your alternative choices. Samsung UN60JS7000 is introduced as the basic model for Samsung SUHD TV series in 2015 lineup, while Samsung UN60JU7100 can be considered as the standard model for Samsung’s 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. There’re several similarities of Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100. Their price is also not much different. That rise a question on which of those two TVs is suitable for you. This article will help you compare Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 then help you finding which of them is for you.

Specs Table of Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100

Before We talk about the similarities and differences of Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100, It’s a good idea to take a look at their specs.

Samsung UN60JS7000 Samsung UN60JU7100
Screen Size 60-inch 60-inch
Panel Design Flat Flat
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
UHD Upscaling YES YES
Backlight LED LED
Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
Processor Quad-Core Processor Quad-Core Processor
Built-in Wifi YES YES
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
HDMI/USB 4/3 4/3
Nano Crystal Color YES NO
Peak Illuminator NO YES
Precision Black NO YES
PurColor NO YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 240
3D Feature NO Active 3D Ready
Remote Control Standard Remote Smart Remote

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Samsung UN60JS7000

Samsung UN60JS7000

From the table above, There are several similarities of Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100.

1. Resolution and Panel Design

Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 come with the same 4K UHD resolution. 4K resolution is the latest resolution in the market nowadays. The problem with 4K resolution is the limited original 4K content sources. But you don’t have to worry about that since both of Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 come with UHD upscaling technology that bring HD contents into near 4K picture quality. Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 also both come with the same flat panel design. As we already know, Samsung have two variations on panel design: flat and curved. Both of Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 come for anyone that prefer flat panel design than curved panel design.

2. Backlight and Dimming

Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 come with the same LED Backlight and use the same UHD Dimming technology. LED Backlight and UHD Dimming bring brilliant picture quality on your screen both from original 4K content sources or HD contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality.

3. Smart TV Platform

Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 use the same 2015 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform as both of them come as part of Samsung’s 2015 Smart TV. The new 2015 Samsung Smart TV comes with Tizen OS. With Tizen OS, you can run more smart apps on your TV screen as more Tizen smart apps are released. Both of those two TVs also comes with quad-core processor that can deliver fast processing time when you are dealing with heavy apps or multi-tasking process.

4. Speaker System

Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 comes with standard speaker system, that’s 2Ch 20W speaker system. It’s indeed a good speaker system although We can’t say It’s excellent. For most TV viewers, 2Ch 20W speaker system is enough to deliver good sound quality to your home. But in case you are audio enthusiast that need more powerful immersive sound quality, then you can attach additional soundbar or external speaker system on those two TVs.



Samsung UN60JU7100

Samsung UN60JU7100

Besides those similarities, We can see that there are few differences of Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100.

1. Picture Technology

Although Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 come with the same LED Backlight and completed with the same UHD Dimming, but there’re also difference on the picture technology approach of those two TVs. Samsung UN60JS7000 as part of Samsung SUHD TV series comes with Nano Crystal technology. The new Nano Crystal technology deliver more true-to-life pictures with wider color range. While Samsung UN60JU7100 is completed with peak illuminator technology and precision black technology. Peak illuminator is the new technology introduced in 2015 to deliver greater details on the bright part of the screen with LED illumination. While precision black technology that comes from 2014 is able to bring deeper black level on the dark part of the screen. With combination of peak illuminator and precision black, you can enjoy more vibrant color contrast on the TV screen. Samsung UN60JU7100 is also completed with PurColor technology to deliver better color accuracy on the TV screen. So which one is better? We can say that Samsung UN60JS7000 is better in delivering true-to-life pictures, while Samsung UN60JU7100 is better in delivering better vibrancy level.

2. Refresh Rate Technology

Samsung UN60JS7000 comes with Motion Rate 120, while Samsung UN60JU7100 comes with Motion Rate 240. Motion Rate is the new standard that introduced by Samsung in 2015 to replace the Clear Motion Rate. The higher Motion Rate the smoother fast motion images delivered. Motion Rate 240 is currently the highest Motion Rate from Samsung’s 4K UHD TV. When using the TV to watch your favorite fast action movies and sports, you can’t see any big differences between Motion Rate 240 and 120. But when you use the TV to play your favorite heavy action games, then you can notice that Motion Rate 240 TV is able to deliver better motion images with no motion blur.

3. 3D Feature

If you are looking for 3D feature on your TV, then Samsung UN60JU7100 is the one that you should take a look since Samsung UN60JS7000 is not completed with any 3D feature. Samsung UN60JU7100 comes as 3D ready TV that means It’s already completed with Active 3D but You can’t find any 3D glasses with it. To start enjoy 3D entertainment, you should purchase additional 3D glasses for your TV.

4. Remote Control

Samsung UN60JS7000 and UN60JU7100 come with different remote control. Samsung UN60JS7000 come with only standard remote control, while Samsung UN60JU7100 is completed with smart remote control. With Smart Remote, you can control your TV and Smart TV easier with more advanced control options such as voice interaction and few other smart control. The standard remote in the other hand is only able to control your TV using basic commands.

5. Price

When It comes to choosing, price is one of important factor to consider especially when you have limited budget. Samsung UN60JS7000 is priced at around $500 less than Samsung UN60JU7100. When We talked about percentage, Samsung UN60JS7000 is around 25% lower in price. That’s a considerable price difference for many prospective customers.

Which one is for You?

When We talk about the choice, We should talk about budget and features that installed on those two TVs. Samsung UN60JS7000 comes with more affordable price. It’s a perfect choice for anyone that have more limited budget for their 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. Additionally, Samsung UN60JS7000 is able to bring better true-to-life picture quality. In the other side, Samsung UN60JS7000 is not as vibrant as Samsung UN60JU7100 in color contrast as It’s not completed with peak illuminator and precision black. It’s also less smooth in delivering heavy gaming images with only Motion Rate 120 as well as no 3D and Smart Remote comes with it. But overall, Samsung UN60JS7000 is able to satisfy the customer’s expectation as It’s getting excellent cumulative feedback from the customers. The customers mostly said about great picture quality delivered by Samsung UN60JS7000 and easy to use Smart TV platform. You can read more about Samsung UN60JS7000 customers’ reviews here…

Samsung UN60JU7100 is the other hand comes with around $500 more expensive in price. With additional $500, you can get better contrast technology with peak illuminator and precision black, smoother fast motion images with Motion Rate 240 and 3D feature (although no 3D glasses included) with Smart Remote control. But It’s missing nano crystal color technology. Samsung UN60JU7100 becomes the choice if you are looking for 3D feature or you want to use smart remote to control your TV easier. It’s also good choice for anyone looking for smoother gaming images. The customers of Samsung UN60JU7100 are mostly satisfied with their purchase. They said about great picture quality that completed with really deep blacks. They said that the remote is also nice while the Smart TV platform works excellently. If you are interested in knowing more about the customers’ comments, you can check out the customers’ feedback about Samsung UN60JU7100 on this page…

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