Samsung UN65KS9500 vs UN65KS9000 : Is There any Reason to Choose Samsung UN65KS9500?

In 2016, Samsung have UN65KS9500 and UN65KS9000 as the top model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. They are introduced as part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV series. Indeed, I’m quite sure that you already know that the key difference of those two TVs come from their panel design, KS9500 model comes with curved panel design, while KS9000 model comes with flat panel design. But is there any other differences between them? Is there any reason to choose Samsung UN65KS9500 over UN65KS9000? This article try to help you answer those questions so that you know which of those 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV that you should choose.

Samsung UN65KS9500 (UN65KS9500FXZA) : Samsung’s Flagship for 65-Inch Smart TV

Samsung UN65KS9500

Samsung UN65KS9500

Samsung UN65KS9500 is easily guessed as the replacement model of Samsung UN65JS9500. Yes, It’s right. Samsung UN65KS9500 is the replacement model of Samsung UN65JS9500 from Samsung’s 2016 lineup. Samsung UN65KS9500 comes with the latest technology from Samsung, Quantum Dot Color. With Quantum Dot Color, Samsung UN65KS9500 is able to deliver more accurate lifelike color details on its screen. It is also completed with HDR 1000 to bring dynamic brightness so that you can enjoy small details even in the dark part of the pictures. As part of 2016 lineup, Samsung UN65KS9500 comes with the new 2016 Samsung Smart TV. It comes with improvements from 2015 Samsung Smart TV. Samsung UN65KS9500 only comes with quad-core processor not alike previous UN65JS9500 that use octa-core processor. Looks like Samsung have found that quad-core is optimal for their flagship TV. We also can’t also find any 3D feature on Samsung UN65KS9500 as with quantum dot technology, you can already enjoy 3D like picture quality on the TV screen.

Samsung UN65KS9000 (UN65KS9000FXZA) : Samsung’s Top Choice for 65-Inch Flat Smart TV

Samsung UN65KS9000

Samsung UN65KS9000

Samsung UN65KS9000 is the top model for you choice if you are looking for 65-Inch Smart TV and you prefer flat panel screen than curved one. Samsung UN65KS9000 can be called as the replacement model of UN65JS8500 from 2015 lineup. It brings the new technology named quantum dots while It also completed with the new advanced dimming technology named supreme dimming. With quantum dot technology, you can enjoy wider color spectrum to unlock more accurate color details on the TV screen. Samsung UN65KS9000 also comes with the new refreshment of Smart TV platform, 2016 Samsung Smart TV. It brings improvement on the design, more intuitive user menu as well as improved apps functionality. Samsung UN65KS9000 also comes with smart remote that help you to control the TV easier and faster. Two surprising things on the new UN65KS9000 is the processor and 3D. It comes with only quad-core processor and no 3D feature. I guess Samsung is already optimized their processor and find that quad-core is already enough for their top TV model. They also don’t need to install 3D feature as the picture quality delivered by Samsung UN65KS9000 is 3D like quality.

Specs Comparison of Samsung UN65KS9500 vs UN65KS9000

Before We move forward and see the differences of Samsung UN65KS9500 and UN65KS9000, let’s check out their specs quickly using the table below.

Samsung UN65KS9500 Samsung UN65KS9000
Introduced March 2016 March 2016
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Panel Design Curved Flat
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED
Quantum Dot YES YES
HDR HDR1000 HDR1000
Dimming Technology Supreme Dimming Supreme Dimming
Depth Enhancing Auto Depth Enhancer Contrast Enhancer
Refresh Rate Supreme MR 240 Supreme MR 240
Smart Platform 2016 Samsung Smart TV 2016 Samsung Smart TV
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Smart Remote (TM1680A) Smart Remote (TM1680A)
Speaker System 4.1Ch 60W 4.1Ch 60W
Built-in Wi-fi YES YES
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 4/3
Price +/- $200 Higher

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+/- $200 Lower

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Samsung UN65KS9500 vs UN65KS9000 Differences

From the table above, We can see there are few differences of Samsung UN65KS9500 and UN65KS9000. Do you want to know more about those differences? Let me explain that more.

1. Panel design

As you may already know, the key difference of Samsung UN65KS9500 and UN65KS9000 come from the panel design. Samsung UN65KS9500 comes with curved panel design, while Samsung UN65KS9000 comes with flat panel design. With curved panel design, you can enjoy panoramic watching experience on the TV screen. While Samsung UN65KS9000 only allow you to enjoy conventional flat panel watching experience.

2. Depth Enhancing Technology

There’s a difference on depth enhancing technology that installed on Samsung UN65KS9500 and UN65KS9000. Samsung UN65KS9500 comes with auto depth enhancer, while Samsung UN65KS9000 comes with contrast enhancer. But that difference is mainly related with the panel design that used by the TV. Curved panel use auto depth enhancer as its depth enhancing technology and flat panel use contrast enhancer as its depth enhancing technology.

3. Other Small Differences

The other differences are only small differences that We can “ignore”. The other differences are related to maximum power consumption (225w vs 220w) and other small differences on the dimension that simply because there’s a difference on the panel design.

4. Price

Samsung UN65KS9500 with curved panel design is priced at more expensive price than Samsung UN65KS9000 with flat panel design. Why curved panel design is more expensive? Because It require more complex manufacturing process and the result It can deliver panoramic watching experience that can’t be delivered by flat panel design.

What’s the Reason to Choose Samsung UN65KS9500?

Samsung UN65KS9500 comes with the latest technology in 4K UHD TV. It comes with better color using quantum dot color and use HDR 1000 for perfect 4K UHD picture quality. To enjoy the best watching experience, Samsung UN65KS9500 offer panoramic watching experience with its curved panel design. So that you can enjoy your favorite TV contents optimally. While It’s indeed priced at few hundreds more than Samsung UN65KS9000, but you get the best experience with curved panel TV design. Where you can order Samsung UN65KS9500? You can Order Samsung UN65KS9500 here…

In the other hand, I’m quite sure that not everyone prefer curved panel design for their TV panel design. Samsung accommodate that by releasing Samsung UN65KS9000. While It comes with flat panel design, It’s completed with the same technology used by Samsung UN65KS9500. So that you can enjoy the best picture quality in flat panel screen. It’s also priced at few hundreds lower so that It’s also an alternative choice if you have more limited budget. Where to order Samsung UN65KS9000? You can Order Samsung UN65KS9000 Here…

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