LG 55UH6550 vs 55UF6800 Similarities & Differences

We can call LG 55UH6550 as the newer model for LG 55UF6800. LG 55UH6550 is positioned as the top model for non Prime 4K UHD TV of LG’s 2016 TV lineup. As two 55-Inch 4K UHD TV with IPS 4K panel, you can find there are several similarities between those new and old model. There are also few differences between them. If you consider those two TVs as your next 55-Inch LED TV, then I’m sure that you want to know what are the similarities and differences between them. We will talk about similarities & differences between LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 as well as talk about the one to choose between new model and the old model.

Similarities of LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800

LG 55UH6550

LG 55UH6550

As two models that We consider as the new and old model, We can find a number of similarities between LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800. What are their similarities? Let’s discuss those similarities together.

1. 4K UHD Resolution with 4K Upscaler

LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 comes with brilliant 4K UHD resolution. With 4K UHD resolution, you can enjoy up to four times more brilliant picture quality than previous 1080p Full HD resolution. But as there are still limited number of original 4K contents, We still need HD contents mostly. That’s way 4K Upscaler is installed on both of LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 so that you can enjoy near 4K picture quality from your HD contents.

2. IPS 4K Panel

In Plane Switching (IPS) panel is installed on both of LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 screen. IPS panel is able to bring wide viewing angle for your TV screen. You can enjoy accurate color details of 4K contents from any angle you are watching with IPS panel that used by LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800.

3. Refresh Rate Technology

The refresh rate that come with LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 are similar. They come with TruMotion 120Hz. TruMotion 120Hz is not the highest refresh rate of LG 4K UHD TV, but It still can deliver smooth fast motion images when you use the TV to watch your favorite action movies and sports.

4. Smart TV with Built-in Wifi

LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 are completed with Smart TV. It’s also completed with built-in wifi. With Smart TV that completed with built-in wifi, you can enjoy premium entertainment anytime you want to enjoy it. The Smart TV platform that used by LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 is WebOS although the version of WebOS are different. The Smart TV platform is also compatible with Magic remote although They are not included with the TV set.

5. Speaker System

The speaker system that used by LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 are similar. They use 2Ch 20W speaker system. 2Ch 20W speaker system is a standard speaker system that used by wide range of standard TV nowadays. It’s able to deliver good sound quality although It’s not that powerful. For more powerful sound You can attach additional soundbar to those two TVs.

The similarities of LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 can be summarized using the table below.

LG 55UH6550 LG 55UF6800
Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Backlight LED LED
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
4K Upscaler YES YES
Refresh Rate TruMotion 120Hz TruMotion 120Hz
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Standard Remote Standard Remote
Built-in Wi-fi YES YES
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W

Differences of LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800

LG 55UF6800

LG 55UF6800

As We have talked about the similarities of LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800, now We should move forward and talk about the differences of those two TVs. What are their differences? Let’s take a look together.

1. HDR Pro

HDR is widely used by 2016 4K UHD TV lineup. As part of LG’s 2016 TV lineup, LG 55UH6550 comes with HDR Pro as its HDR technology. With HDR Pro technology, you can enjoy accurate details with more vibrant contrast from High Dynamic Range contents. While LG 55UF6800 is not completed with any HDR technology.

2. Picture Engine and Local Dimming

LG 55UH6550 comes with different picture engine from the older LG 55UF6800. LG 55UH6550 comes with UHD Mastering engine, while LG 55UF6800 comes with Tru-4K Engine. With the new UHD Mastering Engine, you can enjoy better UHD picture quality than the previous Tru-4K Engine. LG 55UH6550 is also able to deliver more accurate details with additional Local Dimming that installed on its screen. You can’t find any local dimming on LG 55UF6800.

3. Version of WebOS

As We have talked before, both of LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 come with WebOS as their Smart TV platform. But the version of WebOS that installed on LG 55UH6550 is different with the one installed on 55UF6800. WebOS 3.0 is installed on LG 55UH6550 that brings improvement from the older WebOS 2.0 that installed on LG 55UF6800.

4. Price

LG 55UH6550 that comes as the new model comes with a little higher price than the older LG 55UF6800. Commonly, you can find LG 55UH6550 is priced at around $100 higher than LG 55UF6800. It’s around 11% if We talk about the price difference. We need to take a note that the price difference is fixed as price is often changed in months or even weeks by the retailers.

Those differences of LG 55UH6550 and 55UF6800 is able to be depicted using the table below.

LG 55UH6550 LG 55UF6800
Introduced February 2016 May 2015
Picture Engine UHD Mastering Engine Tru-4K Engine
Local Dimming YES NO
Smart TV Platform WebOS 3.0 WebOS 2.0
Price +/- $100 More

Check Best Offer

+/- $100 Less

Check Today’s Price

Which One to Choose, The New One or Old One?

From our discussion above, We can see that there are few improvements that you can find on LG 55UH6550. The most important one is HDR Pro technology and Local Dimming. LG 55UH6550 is the better model that comes with better picture technology. It can deliver better High Dynamic Range contents with HDR Pro technology, while It also can deliver more accurate details with its local dimming. But you should prepare additional $100 for LG 55UH6550. If you think that you are still not sure about choosing LG 55UH6550 as your next TV, then you should read more about LG 55UH6550 from the customers’ perspective here…

In the other hand, LG 55UF6800 is a good alternative choice for anyone that have more limited budget for their next 55-Inch LED TV. It comes with $100 less in price but It still can deliver good picture quality and bring Smart entertainment without any problems to your home. Most of the customers of LG 55UF6800 are also satisfied with their purchase that give you more reason to consider this older model. You can find our more about the customers’ feedback on LG 55UF6800 on this page…

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