LG OLED55E6P vs 55EG9600 Comparison

OLED55E6P and 55EG9600 are two models that you may consider for your net 55-Inch OLED 4K TV. LG OLED55E6P is the top model for 55-Inch OLED TV from LG’s 2016 TV lineup, while LG 55EG9600 is curved panel OLED TV that was introduced in 2015. If you are interested in those two TVs as your next 55-Inch OLED TV, I’m sure that you want to know more about the comparison between them. This article will help you to know more about the comparison between those two TVs.

LG OLED55E6P Introduction



LG OLED55E6P comes as part of E6P model in 2016 lineup. As there’s no 55-Inch screen size of G6P model, LG OLED55E6P becomes the top model for 55-Inch OLED TV in 2016. LG OLED55E6P brings perfect black with infinite contrast to your home with its OLED. As we know, OLED is able to deliver perfect black as its pixels can be completely turned off, while its pixels can be controlled individually (pixel dimming) that means you can get infinite contrast across your TV screen. LG OLED55E6P also comes with the latest OLED HDR that support Dolby Vision. You can get enhanced contrast with more accurate details from your High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents while you can get the scenes like what the director intended as Dolby Vision are used by major studios. The Smart TV platform of OLED55E6P is WebOS 3.0. It’s the improved version of WebOS 2.0 that bring more stable and user-friendly interface to deliver your favorite entertainment as well as additional smart functions with the access to LG content/apps Store. Premium magic remote control is also included with the TV set to make it easier to control the TV and its Smart TV platform.

This TV model get “almost perfect” customers’ ratings. It means that almost everyone are satisfied with their LG OLED55E6P. They said that this TV can deliver amazing picture quality with Pure black levels, the 4K upscaling is also great. There’re few customers shared their best picture setting for this TV. The TV setup is easy and quick based on the customers’ experience, while the WebOS Smart TV platform is also easy to use and intuitive. The sound quality delivered by this TV is pretty good said some customers commented about the audio quality of this TV model. If you need to know more about LG OLED55E6P, then I’m sure that you should be interested to know more about LG OLED55E6P customers’ reviews that you can find here…

LG 55EG9600 Introduction

LG 55EG9600

LG 55EG9600

LG 55EG9600 is one of popular choice for 55-Inch OLED TV from 2015, while It’s still popular in 2016. LG 55EG9600 comes with curved panel design that intended to bring panoramic watching experience to the viewers. With OLED display technology, LG 55EG9600 is able to bring perfect black as its pixels can be completely switched off. The pixels also can be autonomously dimmed and brightened so that you can enjoy infinite contrast on the OLED screen. LG 55EG9600 use 4K UHD picture resolution that can deliver up to four times more brilliant picture than previous Full HD resolution. But as we know 4K contents are still limited. You don’t have to worry about that since LG 55EG9600 comes with 4K upscaler that bring HD contents into near 4K picture quality. You can also enjoy cinematic 3D experience with LG 55EG9600 as It comes with passive 3D that give you option to enjoy your favorite movies in both 3D or 2D format. The Smart TV platform of LG 55EG9600 is WebOS 2.0. It’s the 2015 version of WebOS. WebOS 2.0 is able to deliver premium contents to your home while magic remote makes controlling more convenient.

How the customers’ feedback on LG 55EG9600 and EG9600 in general? They are mostly satisfied with LG 55EG9600. They said that this TV can deliver beautiful picture with accurate colors and absolute black. TV setup and menus are very intuitive said the customers, while The Smart TV is fast and easy to use. Some customers are satisfied with the sound output of this TV, while few of them said that the sound output is “tiny” and They added soundbar for more immersive sound quality. Do you want to know more about LG 55EG9600 from the customers’ perspective? You can learn more about LG 55EG9600 customers’ reviews on this page…

Table of Comparison between OLED55E6P and 55EG9600

To talk more about the comparison of OLEF55E6P and 55EG9600, We need to know the specs of those two TVs first. The key specs of those two TVs can be found in the table below.

LG OLED55E6P LG 55EG9600
Introduced February 2016 March 2015
Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Display Tech OLED OLED
Panel Design Flat Curved
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
4K Upscaler YES YES
Pixel Dimming YES YES
OLED HDR with Dolby Vision YES NO
Smart Platform WebOS 3.0 WebOS 2.0
3D Feature Passive Passive 3D
Remote Premium Magic Remote Magic Remote
Speaker System 2.2Ch 40W 2Ch 20W
Sound designed by Harman/Kardon YES YES
Built-in Wi-fi 802.11ac 802.11n
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 3/3
Price +/- $1500 Higher

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+/- $1500 Lower

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Comparison Details of OLED55E6P and 55EG9600

The key specs of OLED55E6P and 55EG9600 can be found from the table above. Now, It’s our time to talk more about the comparison between those two two OLED TVs.

Picture Technology

As We have talked before, both of LG OLED55E6P and 55EG9600 come with OLED panel. They also come with similar 4K UHD resolution. With OLED Panel, both of those two TVs can deliver perfect black, infinite contrast and cinematic color on their screen. We can find that most of the contents available nowadays are still in HD format. You can still enjoy near 4K picture quality with 4K upscaler technology that installed on both of those two TVs.

The main difference between OLED55E6P and 55EG9600 is OLED HDR with Dolby Vision that you can find on the newer OLED55E6P. With the additional OLED HDR technology, you can get enhanced brightness level with more accurate details from your HDR contents. It also supports Dolby Vision that used as the mastering technology of the major studios. LG 55EG9600 can deliver HDR contents after firmware update but the quality is still below the quality of OLED HDR.

Panel Design

You can find that OLED55E6P comes with flat panel design, while LG 55EG9600 comes with curved panel design. Curved panel design of LG 55EG9600 is intended to bring panoramic watching experience to its viewers, but We can find that a number of customers still prefer to go ahead with flat panel screen. So We can say that curved is not always be better since It depends on the customers’ preference.

3D Feature

3D feature can be found on both of LG OLED55E6P and 55EG9600. They both come with passive 3D that included with 2 pair of 3D glasses. With Passive 3D, you can enjoy cinematic 3D experience in 4K resolution and OLED screen.

Smart TV Platform and Remote Control

Both of OLED55E6P and 55EG9600 come with WebOS as their Smart TV platform. But the version of WebOS installed are different. LG OLED55E6P as part of LG’s 2016 OLED TV lineup comes with WebOS 3.0, while LG 55EG9600 as part of the older LG’s 2015 OLED TV lineup comes with WebOS 2.0. WebOS 3.0 brings improvement from WebOS 2.0 so It’s more stable and user-friendly. Both of those two TVs also come with similar magic remote. But the magic remote that comes with OLED55E6P is better in design that called premium magic remote.

Sound Output

The speaker of OLED55E6P and 55EG9600 are both designed by Harman/Kardon. But their system are indeed different. LG OLED55E6P comes with 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, while LG 55EG9600 only comes with 2.0Ch 20W speaker system. You can enjoy richer and more immersive sound output with 2.2Ch 40W speaker of LG OLED55E6P than what you can get with 2.0Ch 20W speaker system of LG 55EG9600. The speakers are also located differently. OLED55E6P speaker is placed on the TV stand that make it soundbar alike speaker, while the speaker of 55EG9600 is located on the TV’s main body.


LG OLED55E6P is the new model that commonly priced higher than LG 55EG9600 that come from the older lineup. You may be interested in their price difference as It’s essential for your decision to choose one of them. Mostly, you can find that LG OLED55E6P is offered at around $1500 higher than LG 55EG9600. But that price difference is not fixed since the price of those two TVs may change from time to time.

Conclusion: Which 55-Inch OLED 4K TV to Choose?

We can conclude that LG OLED55E6P is the new model that comes with few better aspects than the older 55EG9600. LG OLED55E6P is better in picture technology with OLED HDR, It also better with the improved WebOS 3.0 and 2.2Ch 40W speaker system. The magic remote included in LG OLED55E6P is also more elegant with premium magic remote. So when you are looking for better picture and improved Smart TV platform and internal sound output, then you should consider to choose LG OLED55E6P if you don’t mind to pay higher for that. Where you should order LG OLED55E6P? We recommend you to order LG OLED55E6P here…

In the other hand, LG 55EG9600 is a good alternative model that you should consider for your next 55-Inch OLED TV especially if you have more limited budget for that. LG 55EG9600 support HDR through firmware update although It’s still below OLED HDR of OLED55E6P. It also essentially can deliver premium contents with WebOS 2.0 and you can also attach additional soundbar or other external sound system if you are not satisfied with the speaker system of this TV model. You also have curved panel as another reason to choose this TV model especially if you want to try panoramic watching experience with this TV model. Any recommended place to order this TV model? You should consider to order LG 55EG9600 here…

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