Sony XBR55X930E vs XBR55X930D : Why Should You Consider the New XBR55X930E?

You can find Sony XBR55X930E as the successor of Sony XBR55X930D in Sony’s 2017 TV lineup. As the successor model, you can find that few aspects of Sony XBR55X930E are similar to Sony XBR55X930D. What’s new on Sony XBR55X930E? This article will talk about Sony XBR55X930E and XBR55X930D then see what’s improved on the new Sony XBR55X930E. We hope that this article will help you to decide whether you should go ahead with the new model or consider the older model as your next 55-Inch 4K UHD TV.

Sony XBR55X930E (XBR-55X930E)

Sony XBR75X900E

Sony XBR75X900E

Sony XBR55X930E comes as one of screen size options for X930E model. It comes with 4K HDR that makes sure that you can get enhanced details from your 4K contents. 4K HDR deliver improved contrast and details in your 4K resolution screen. There’s an improvement on the processor from X1 processor that installed on the older XBR55X930D into X1 extreme that attached on XBR55X930D. The slim backlight drive technology installed is also improvement into the new slim backlight drive+. You can Check Today’s Offer of Sony XBR55X930E on Ebay here…

Sony XBR55X930D (XBR-55X930D)

Sony XBR55X930D

Sony XBR55X930D

Sony XBR55X930D is one of the most popular choices for 55-Inch 4K UHD TV from 2016 TV lineup. It comes with Triluminos display that can deliver rich and vivid colors with its ability to deliver wider range of colors on the TV screen. Sony XBR55X930D is also completed with 4K HDR that can deliver improved color, clarity and contrast so you can enjoy more lifelike picture on the TV screen. X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro is also installed on XBR55X930D. It can deliver up to three times brightness range than conventional LED-backlit TV. Sony XBR55X930D also comes with Slim Backlight Drive that can guide the light to where It should be needed on the TV screen. You can Check Today’s Offer of Sony XBR55X930D on Ebay here…


Table of Similarities & Differences

I’m quite sure that you are interested to know more about the specs and features of the new XBR55X930E and the older XBR55X930D. The specs and features of those two TVs can be found on the similarities and differences table below.

Sony XBR55X930E Sony XBR55X930D
Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight LED-backlit LED-backlit
Triluminos Display YES YES
X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro YES YES
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
Smart TV Sony Android TV Sony Android TV
Built-in Wifi YES YES
Introduced 2017 1st quarter of 2016
Backlight Drive Slim Backlight Drive+ Slim Backlight Drive
Processor X1 Extreme X1


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What’s Improved on the new Sony XBR55X930E?

After looking at the table above, We can find that there are few differences between the older Sony XBR55X930D and the newer Sony XBR55X930E. As we are talking about the new and old model, It means that those differences are improvement from the older model into the new model. Let’s talk more about those differences.

1. Slim Backlight Drive+

Slim Backlight Drive+ is an improvement from the older Slim Backlight Drive. With Slim Backlight Drive+, you can get improved black levels and brightness level in ultra-slim profile TV.

2. X1 Extreme Processor

Sony has already used X1 processor for few years. It can optimize the color, clarity and contrast delivered on the 4K UHD screen. This year, Sony introduce its X1 Extreme processor to make the optimization of color, clarity and contrast more perfect. With X1 extreme processor, you can be sure to get better color, clarity and contrast with improved processing speed and capabilities on X1 extreme.


Why Should You Choose the New Model?

Sony XBR55X930E is introduced in 2017 to improve the previous XBR55X930D. It comes with better processor and backlight drive technology. If you are looking for better color, clarity and contrast then I’m sure that you need to consider XBR55X930E as your choice. Where You can order Sony XBR55X930E? You should Check Today’s Offer of Sony XBR55X930E on Ebay here…

Sony XBR55X930D is the older model that comes with the older slim backlight drive and the basic X1 processor version. Although It’s completed with the older slim backlight drive and installed with the basic X1 processor, but It can still can deliver excellent picture quality and bring premium entertainment as well as gaming experience as reported by the customers. So if you are looking for 55-Inch 4K UHD TV then you should consider Sony XBR55X930D as your choice. Where should you order one? We recommend you to Check Today’s Offer of Sony XBR55X930D on Ebay here…

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